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What is a Video Game Console?

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Video Game Consoles: A video game console is a computer device that outputs a video signal or visual image to display a video game that one or more people can play. In 1972, Magnavox released the Magnavox Odyssey, the first home video game console which could be connected to a TV set.

Best Retro Consoles of All Time

Please note! Does not contain any consoles released after 2000 (Nintendo Gamecube, Playstation 2, Microsoft Xbox). Also, this list does not contain any handhelds! No Sega Game Gear, no Nintendo Gameboy, no Tetris.

This list was composed in compliance with various lists (20 Best Gaming Consoles, Best Game Systems – Ranked by Gamers, Best Selling Game Consoles and others). It is based on serious research and includes following aspects: Impact to gaming industry, graphical and technological innovations. Sales numbers and popularity are also taken into account.

Top 15 Video Game Consoles Before 2000

15. Sega Saturn
14. Colecovision
13. Atari Jaguar
12. Intellivision
11. TurboGrafx-16
10. Neo-Geo AES
09. Magnavox Odyssey
08. Sega Master System
07. Sega Dreamcast
06. Nintendo 64
05. Sega Genesis
04. Super Nintendo
03. Sony Playstation
02. Atari 2600
01. Nintendo NES

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System is a 16-bit home video game console developed by Nintendo. It was released in 1990 in Japan and South Korea, 1991 in North America, 1992 in Europe and Australasia (Oceania), and 1993 in South America.
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History of Video Game Consoles

history of video game consoles

Below you can find list of consoles released (will be updated to be complete on day) in chronological order starting from earliest home console – Magnavox Odyssey.

Composed by: Retroconsole xyz

The Nintendo Entertainment System is an 8-bit home video game console that was developed and manufactured by Nintendo. It was initially released in Japan as the Family Computer on July 15, 1983, and was later released in New York City in 1985, and throughout the U.S as well as in Europe and Australia during 1986 and 1987.
The Sega Genesis, known as the Mega Drive in regions outside of North America, is a 16-bit home video game console developed and sold by Sega. The Genesis was Sega’s third console and the successor to the Master System. Sega released the console as the Mega Drive in Japan in 1988, followed by North America as the Genesis in 1989.

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