A Nightmare on Elm Street (MS-DOS)

A Nightmare on Elm Street (MS-DOS)

Platform: MS-DOS
Released: 1989
Developer: Westwood
Publisher: Monarch Software

a nightmare on elm street dos

Game description
In this exciting action game based on the hit movie, you must find evil Freddy’s house before he finds you, and enter it to rescue your friends. Freddy strangely disappears after you enter the house, but you must contend with the various nightmarish creatures. A fast, fun, but very short game if you’re a good action gamer. Source

Game Story
In the beginning, the player gets to choose what character he wants to play, as each character has his or her own special ability. After selecting a character, it is up to the player to rescue the five other characters from Freddy’s sharp claws. But before you can do that, you must first find out where Freddy lives…

Once you have found out where Freddy lives, you have to move through his maze-like house collecting keys, pulling switches and defeating hordes of strange and creepy enemies.

You will gradually venture deeper into his house, and into madness. Source

Positive points:
Game managed to capture at least some of the atmosphere featured in the movie. At times, you can really feel that Freddy is gaining on you and you hope that you will not run into a dead-end street.

The graphics, while of course not spectacular, manage to evoke a dark and nightmarish feeling. The level design is typically mazelike, and although I normally despise mazes, it fits right into this game. The player will become disorientated, and the feeling of being trapped inside a nightmare will take hold of him.

The enemies are varied and unusual, like for example the evil wheelchairs. The fact that some weapons work better on some creatures adds an element of strategy to the game (saving it from being just a hack-and-slash game).

The negative points:
The most prominent problem is that it will get boring quickly, you can only run around attacking wheelchairs and collecting coins for so long before the novelty wears off (not that the game is very novel to begin with).

Another weak point in the game is the music, which was nearly nonexistent. Source

Walkthroughs, maps, tips and tricks
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