Worms [Genesis & SNES, 1996] – How do they hold up?

Worms [Genesis & SNES, 1996] How do they hold up?
90s Video Games, Episode 152

In today’s episode, I am going to talk about Worms on 16-bit consoles.

More precisely, about the Genesis and Super Nintendo versions. Do they hold up compared to the superb PC version, or ports on more powerful systems like Playstation and Saturn?

In the end of this video I am going to show the gameplay, side by side.

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Let’s start with the Genesis.

Genesis version has a lot faster gameplay and that usually means more fun. However, Genesis version comes with a huge flaw. There is no way to distinguish the worms or teams. All the names are written in white, and if you have many small worms in the same group you have no way to know. The names get mixed up and you just have to remove your people from the horde to get the picture.

SNES version in the other hand has all the teams in different colors but the game is a lot slower. Also, AI is seriously fucked up. At some point in the game, the AI has no clue what to do and everything takes a lot of time. You can take a nap in the middle of the game and nothing happens.

In conclusion, neither the SNES or Genesis version hold up compared to the other ports like Playstation, Saturn or Atari Jaguar. Don’t get me wrong. These are not bad games, I use to play Genesis version a lot back in a day. They just have been downgraded.

Anyway, enjoy the gameplays. Side by side.

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