Skeleton Warriors [Sega Saturn, 1996] – Playthrough Part 1

Skeleton Warriors [Sega Saturn, 1996] Full Playthrough, Part 1
90s Video Games, Episode 151

The evil Baron Dark has been trying to steal the Lightstar Crystal that powers the city of Luminicity and has managed to get his wretched hands on half of the crystal. Armed with the other half, Justin sets out to make right the wrongs of the Baron. Only by reuniting the pieces of the Lightstar Crystal can Justin bring an end to Baron Dark’s ambitions and usher in an era of peace on the planet Luminaire.

You play as Prince Lightstar on a quest to conquer and slay Baron Dark, who holds the second half of the Lightstar Crystal, a crystal that can change people into skeleton slaves.

On the Saturn, Skeleton Warriors is a side-scrolling action game fused with third-person hoverbike segments. The game is presented in 2.5D, meaning that while most of the action takes place in two dimensions, levels are built with 3D geometry. Like a traditional arcade beat ’em-up, progression usually requires defeating amounts of on-screen enemies without being killed.

In this video, I beat approximately one third of the game.

Enjoy the video and come back tomorrow at the same time!
Tomorrow I will continue with the game :)

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