This is what you should do at Christmas Eve

90s Video Games, Episode 157
Twisted Metal, PS1

Los Angeles on Christmas Eve, 2005.

Legendary Calypso, a man who dwells beneath the streets of Los Angeles, holds a competition.

Competition is called “Twisted Metal”.

The contest takes place all around the Los Angeles area and calls upon drivers in various different vehicles to battle to the death.

The selected contestants receive an email message that simply reads “WILL YOU DRIVE?” in red letters.

The one driver still alive at the end of the night is granted a single wish, with no limits on price, size or, according to some, even reality.


Your special invitation from Calypso has given you the chance to do battle in Twisted Metal. This is where all of your skills, all of your luck, and all of your guts, are put to the test.

This is where life and death decisions occur every instant. This is where the Grim Reaper lurks around every corner, waiting to strike. And this is where your ultimate dream can come true.

Welcome to the big time…WELCOME TO TWISTED METAL!

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