Tennis Video Games of 1994 – A year when tennis games started to get better

Tennis is awesome, but not all the tennis games are good! I would love to read, what memories do you have with these games! So leave your memories and opinions in the comments! Thanks!

If comparing with the previous year, 1994 was quite good for tennis video games. A bit less games were released however the quality of the games was a bit higher and more even! I loved to play the Ultimate Tennis on the Arcade, and Pete Sampras tennis game is so much fun.

So this time I played tennis games of 1994 and here are most of them :)

Once again, I trimmed the gameplays to fit the video length into reasonable timeframe. Nobody has too many hours to watch a video.

Tennis Video Games Featured in this video:
Ultimate Tennis (Arcade)
ATP Tour Championship Tennis (Sega Genesis)
Pete Sampras Tennis (Sega Genesis)
IMG Tour Tennis (Sega Genesis)
International Tennis Open (MS-DOS)
Date Kimiko no Virtual Tennis (Super Nintendo)
Super Final Match Tennis (Super Nintendo)

Which one did you like most?

Enjoy the video!

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