Tennis Video Games of 1993 – Including the worst tennis game of all time

Tennis is awesome, but tennis games are not always good! I would love to read, what memories do you have with these games! So leave your memories and opinions in the comments! Thanks!

So many tennis games were released in 1993 and therefore the quality of the games varies from quite good to awful bad! Tennis games took another year or two until we got some seriously good tennis games.

I decided to continue with tennis video games series. This time I played tennis games released in 1993 and here are most of them :)

I trimmed the gameplays, because otherwise the video could have been more than 4 hours long and nobody has that much time :)

Tennis Video Games Featured in this video:
Davis Cup Tennis (Sega Genesis)
International Tennis Tour (Super Nintendo)
Wimbledon Championship Tennis (Sega Genesis)
International Tennis (Zeppelin Games) (MS-DOS)
Smash Tennis / Super Family Tennis (Super Nintendo)
Power Tennis (PC Engine)
World Tour Tennis (MS-DOS)
Super World Court (Arcade)
Jimmy Connors (Atari Lynx)
Jimmy Connors (Nintendo NES)
Andre Agassi Tennis (Super Nintendo)
Andre Agassi Tennis (Sega Master Sysytem)
Wimbledon 2 (Sega Master Sysytem)

Do you know which one is the worst?

Enjoy the video!

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