Strikers 1945 [Arcade, 1995] – 2 Players Playthrough

Strikers 1945 [Arcade, 1995] 2 Players Playthrough
90s Video Games, Episode 144

It is the Summer of 1945 and World War II has ended. The world once again returned to its state of peace. However, a mysterious organization called C.A.N.Y. emerged to conquer the world using super weapons never seen before. It is composed of high-ranking international military officials.

Six best fighters, who together form a team called Strikers, have been chosen secretly by United Military Headquarters for a mission against this threat. Near the end of the game it is revealed to the player that C.A.N.Y are actually a race of aliens that set out to take over the world.

The last stages have the selected plane travel to the moon to destroy C.A.N.Y’s secret base and the true leader, Mecha C.A.N.Y.

Enjoy the video!

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