Raiden Fighters [Arcade, 1996] – 2 Players Playthrough

Raiden Fighters [Arcade, 1996] 2 Players Playthrough
90s Video Games, Episode 145

In Raiden Fighters, there are five available fighter craft, each with a Laser and a Missile weapon. Each fighter craft has different strengths and weaknesses. Depending on a particular machine’s settings, ships from the earlier Seibu Kaihatsu titles Raiden II and Viper Phase 1 can be chosen.

These two ships (given the names Raiden mk-II and Judge Spear respectively) have different mechanics from the five regular craft, such as different bombs and the ability to use Laser and Missile weapons simultaneously.

The Slave plane is playable, inheriting the bomb and movement speed of the fighter craft they normally accompany.

Enjoy the video!

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