Everyone is Charles Barkley [Shut Up And Jam 2, Sega Genesis]

Everyone is Charles Barkley
Shut Up And Jam 2, Sega Genesis] – Cheat
90s Video Games, Episode 148

Barkley Shut Up and Jam 2 is a 1995 basketball video game developed and published by Accolade exclusively for the Sega Genesis.

GamePro gave the game a mixed review, saying that the graphics and animations are drastically improved over the original Barkley, the tournament mode is “a worthy challenge for veteran b-ball gamers”, and the gameplay is complex, but that “the action stays at relatively the same pace throughout the game” and in single player mode the computer partner AI often fails to cooperate with the player’s attempts at teamwork.

A reviewer for Next Generation said that while the game is “far superior” to the original Barkley, it is still terrible in absolute terms; the only elaboration he gave is that “it just doesn’t capture basketball of streetball particularly well.” He gave it one out of five stars.

Personally I liked the game back in a day!

In this video, everyone is CHARKLES BARKLEY!

Enjoy the video!

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