Japan Destroys Brazil – Goal! [Super Nintendo, 1992] – Gameplay

Goal! is a soccer game that features an Exhibition mode and a Super Cup mode. In Exhibition mode, the player can choose from 24 different international teams and compete against the computer or another player in a single soccer match.

In Super Cup mode, the player selects a team and plays against the other three teams in the group on their way to winning the Super Cup.

Before a soccer match begins, the player can select a formation and set game options. Options include turning off or on offside, fouls, radar (a minimap that shows where players are on the field), and whether or not the goal kick should be automatic.

Players can also set the duration of each half of the game.

During the game, players play on a horizontal field and try to get close to the opponent’s goal and then score a goal to score a point. The team that has scored the most points at the end of the time wins the game.

Enjoy the gameplay!

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