Road Rash [3DO] – Secrets, Glitches and Easter Eggs

90s Video Games, Episode 122
Road Rash [3DO] – Secrets, Glitches and Easter Eggs

Walking cows, clowns, floating trees, glitches, teleportation, infamous dirt road, man to man fighting with cops, and more – in this video I show you the weird things happening in Road Rash (3DO version).

Essentially, Road Rash is a remake of the original from the early nineties. For those who’ve not played the original, you’re competing against thirteen other “Road Rashers” who will stop at nothing to win. During the race, you have two options available: you can either do your best to cross the finish line or use your weapon to bring the Rashers to the ground if they give you trouble. Do the latter, and your opponents will do the same to you during the next race.

The 3DO version of Road Rash was released in 1994 and was met with critical acclaim, and is widely regarded as the pinnacle of the series. The most common points of praise among critics were the advanced texture-mapped graphics and the grunge soundtrack.

Additionally, Bacon of GamePro commended the branching routes and humorous full motion video sequences, although he criticized the lack of a multiplayer option. Iceman of Electronic Gaming Monthly and the Next Generation reviewer both felt that the gameplay eventually became repetitive. While Skews and co-reviewer Deniz Ahmet acknowledged the responsiveness of the controls, Chris Gore of VideoGames pointed out the inability to configure them as a major flaw.

Definitely it’s one of the greatest games on 3DO!

Enjoy the video!

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