Michael Jordan in Video Games – Chaos in the Windy City [Super Nintendo, 1994] – Level 1 2 3

90s Video Games, Episode 123
Michael Jordan in Video Games – Chaos in the Windy City

It was very common that Michael Jordan was excluded from most of the basketball video games of the 90s due to licensing issues.

Unlike most of the NBA Players, Jordan never opted into the Player’s Association. This was different for an NBA player, as it often allows video games and other products to license a player’s image in their product. As such, any game that featured the NBA had to separately acquire the rights to Jordan’s likeness, and his asking price was steep.

Michael Jordan: Chaos in the Windy City, was a 1994 video game which saw Jordan not playing basketball, but a savior to his teammates. The game featured Jordan going around Chicago freeing his captured teammates and throwing basketballs at legions of villainous creatures. It is, to date, the lone non-basketball game to bear his name.

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