Mortal Kombat 2 [Arcade, 1993] – Fatalities you have never seen

Mortal Kombat 2 [Arcade, 1993] PART 2: FATALITIES YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN
90s Video Games, Episode 136

In today’s episode I am going to show you Fatalities that you have never ever seen before in Mortal Kombat 2 arcade game. How is that possible? It’s possible because some of these fatalities require more skill and were not revealed in any of the cheats and fatality guides.

These are the fatalities that players have discovered by themselves over the years.

In the end of this video I am using Mame Cheat menu to enable repeatable fatalities to create incredible and insane fucked up fatalities. You wouldn’t believe unless you see.

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Moving floor fatality.

On the Armory stage, with Reptile or Shang Tsung morphed into Reptile, performing the Tasty Meal Fatality will make the floor move. Nice!

Melting ice.

On the Dead Pool stage, with Sub-Zero or Shang Tsung morphed into Sub-Zero, deep freeze your opponent and then proceed to shatter the victim, like you would normally do with first Fatality. But this time, immediately after Fatality press Low Punch and Low Kick. If done correctly, the screen will turn dark and the victim will fly into the acid, instead of shattering.

By the way! This trick also works with Johnny Cage’s Deadly Uppercut.

Pretty cool!

Ice cube to the spikes.

On the Kombat Tomb stage using Sub-Zero or Shang Tsung morphed into him, deep freeze your opponent and quickly enter your level Fatality sequence to uppercut ice cube into the spikes.

Icy soul from a bloody corpse.

With Shang Tsung, morph into Sub-Zero and keep deep freezing the victim until you morph back. Then do the soul steal fatality. Your victim reveals some serious flesh before giving his soul.

Smash the ice cube with Jax.

With Shang Tsung, morph into Sub-Zero and keep deep freezing the victim until you morph back. Then quickly morph into Jax and do the Head Clap Fatality. The colors of the victim will get screwed up.

Dragons like ice cream.

Morph Shang Tsung into Sub-Zero. Keep doing the Deep Freeze until you turn back into Shang Tsung, then quickly morph into Liu Kang and do the Dragon Bite Fatality. The dragon will eat some ice cream.

Many tricks can be done with Shang Tsung and Sub Zero.

I am not going to demonstrate all of them, but here are some of them.

Fucked up Fatalities.

Like I promised, I am going to demonstrate you some fucked up Fatality combinations, that you can do only by using Mame cheat menu and enabling fatality repeats.

I also removed babality and friendship restrictions, and enabled fatality at any time options.

This is insane! Enjoy!

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