Heroes of Might and Magic [MS DOS, 1995] – Gameplay and description

Heroes of Might and Magic [MS DOS, 1995] Gameplay, Intro and Description
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Heroes of Might and Magic: A Strategic Quest is the first game in long-running Heroes of Might and Magic series, started as a spin-off to Might and Magic series, and is considered as a spiritual successor to King’s Bounty. A floppy version for the MS-DOS was originally released in 1995.

In 1996, an updated version of the game for the Windows 95 was released. This new version included a map editor, random map generator, CD audio, and new scenarios.

As a bonus, King’s Bounty was also included on the CD.

If anyone can tell me which new scenarios were added, because I thought they both have 8 scenarios, please let me know in the comments.

Heroes of Might and Magic tells the story of Lord Morglin Ironfist, who is forced to flee his homeland through a magical portal, because his cousin, Ragnar had taken over the throne. Ragnar’s father killed Ironfist’s father, the rightful owner of the throne.

Heroes of Might and Magic takes place in a medieval fantasy world, filled with creatures frequently associated with myth and legend. These creatures can be used to form and combine military forces with which the player attempts to conquer opponents and defend their own ground. Landscape varies from forests to mountains, grasslands to volcanic areas, seas and islands, deserts and more.

There are four different classes of heroes and castles in this game: Knights, Barbarians, Sorceresses and Warlocks. These classes could be divided as 2 might alignments and 2 magic alignments, each with their own units, strengths and weaknesses.

Campaign can be played as any of these four.

There is also a neutral, wandering class of troops, including Rogues, Nomads, Ghosts (the only creature that can not be under player’s command) and Genie. Neutral units often stand in front of pathways or treasure and must be defeated to progress in the game.

The game itself is a turn-based strategy game, where each turn is a day. During your turn you can move your heroes around the map, either to attack enemy heroes, castles or towns, attack neutral wandering troops, or gather artifacts, gold and resources such as diamonds, stones, wood, sulfur and more.

Each resource can be used to develop your towns and castles, and hire armies. Some artifacts must be even dug out. For example, there is a campaign where you need to collect puzzle pieces to find out where the artifact is buried. Boats can be used to travel the seas, and portals can be passed.

Fighting with other heroes and neutral troops also gives some experience, and you will acquire all the enemy’s artifacts if victorious. Some neutral troops may also want join you.

Unlike Heroes of Might and Magic 2, there is no marketplace in this game, yet. Therefore, it is very important to know, which mines and resources you are after, or need to protect.

What I really like about the first Heroes of Might and Magic game is the size of creatures and characters. In the future installments, the combat battlefield was enlarged and creature sizes reduced.

Did you know, that Heroes of Might and Magic 1 actually took more time to develop than its sequel? Mostly because, Heroes of Might and Magic 2 is largely a graphical overhaul to the first game.

If you never played the first game, I recommend you to play it! I have finished it multiple times over the years and it’s always nice to come back to it from time to time.

Enjoy the mission 1!

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