Mortal Kombat 1 [MS-DOS CD Version, 1996] – Versions explained

Mortal Kombat 1 [MS-DOS CD Version, 1996] 90s Video Games, Episode 130

In 1996, Mortal Kombat 1 was released on CD. It was the 7th version of the game on MS-DOS. There might be even more versions.

What many of you might not know, the first 3 versions on MS-DOS were unofficial, leaked pirated versions. Including Alpha, Beta and “Release Candidate” versions.

The first, Alpha version was unbranded and was mostly suitable for testing. It had no sound. It also had some controller issues and you could not define the individual keys.

Beta version was much more playable. Even though it still contained some glitches and missing content, it had a sound and could be played almost without limitations. All audio and controller options worked, but there was still no way to define individual keys.

Release candidate version still had some glitches, but it started to resemble a finished product. There was already a separate SETUP.EXE utility where you could set controller, audio device, difficulty, and graphical details. You could also define the individual keys for every player.

Next two versions were official Ultratech releases. Both released on a floppy and were complete games, with some minor changes, both cosmetic and non-cosmetic. The setup had been integrated into the main game, and could be accessed by pressing F10 during attract mode.

The last official floppy version was released by Virgin.

The final, CD version of the game had best sound, framerate and smoothest gameplay.

In this episode you can see CD version of the game.


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