Golden Axe 3 [1993, Sega Mega Drive] – 2 Players Playthrough

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Golden Axe 3 [1992, Sega Mega Drive] – 2 Players Playthrough

Golden Axe 3 was released for the Sega Mega Drive in Japan on June 25, 1993, and North American version was released only for the Sega Channel two years later, in 1995.

Like it’s predecessors, it’s a side-scrolling hack and slash/ beat em’ up video game. This time, Damud Hellstrike, the Prince of Darkness, has taken away the Golden Axe and put an evil curse over all the warriors. However, one of the heroes has their curse relieved and is sent to set things straight – lift the curse off the others, defeat the villain and return with the Golden Axe.

The gameplay has been expanded slightly. Some new features to the series include new characters, new moves (special attacks, teamwork attacks and teamwork magic spells) and junction points where the players can choose which path to take.

Enjoy the gameplay!

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