Final Fight 3 [Super Nintendo, 1995] – Longplay

Final Fight 3 [Super Nintendo, 1995] – Longplay
90s Video Games, Episode 142

Final Fight 3, released in Japan as Final Fight Tough is a side-scrolling beat ’em up by Capcom, released exclusively for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1995.

With Mad Gear Gang gone, a new criminal group named the Skull Cross Gang emerges as the new dominant criminal organization in Metro City. When Guy returns to Metro City from his martial arts training and reunites with his old friend Mike Haggar, the Mayor of Metro City, the two are suddenly alerted that the Skull Cross Gang has started a riot in the downtown area of the city. Joined by Lucia, a detective in the Metro City Police’s Special Crimes Unit, and Dean, a street fighter whose family was murdered by the Skull Cross Gang, Guy and Haggar must once again save Metro City from its newest menace.

The player has a choice between four characters: Guy and Haggar from the original Final Fight return, along with new heroes Lucia and Dean. As in the previous Final Fight games, each character has their own set of moves, techniques and abilities unique to their character. Like in Final Fight 2, the game can be played alone or with a second player, along with an additional game mode that allows a single player be accompanied by a CPU-controlled partner.

Enjoy 2 player playthrough!

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