Dugi Guides – Essential WoW Leveling and Questing Guide – Review

Dugi Guides – Essential WoW Leveling and Questing Guide: is a walkthrough to level up fast in World of Warcraft! It was composed to help you find the best items, spend time in profitable quests & succeed regardless of your class. In this article we are going to examine the product – what’s included in the package, how it was composed – to find out if it really works.


Dugi Guides

  • Profitable Quests 
  • Find Best Items 
  • Monsters 
  • Right Spots 
  • NPCs 
  • and more!

4.5 out of 5 stars (based on 2 reviews)
Very good50%
Product Name:Dugi Guides
Author/Creator:Dave Farrell
Price:$6.99/month to $47.00/12 months
Money Back Guarantee:60 Days
Official Website: https://www.dugiguides.com

WoW Leveling with Dugi Guides - Why would you need it?

WoW Leveling – If you started playing World of Warcraft recently, you probably have noticed that leveling up in World of Warcraft can be very hard these days. Everyone is already leveling so high and the servers are saturated.

Most players can be quite cocky about their status in the server and they won’t take a second to help you!

However, some people found a way to profit by helping new kids in the block.

They will charge you a fortune to level up your account. Or they will carry you as you level up, so you don’t have to worry about dying. This is all awesome, but this is not what you want. Probably you started to look for other ways and came across this guide.

What is Dugi Guides?

Dugi Guides is particularly useful for you – if you are looking for verified and tested strategies to improve your in-game experience, rapidly. It saves you from spending hours and hours in the internet, looking for strategies that really work.

With Dugi Guides – you can learn all you need to know about World of Warcraft, all from one place.

It was made to help you, to get better in-game experience faster. With the guide you will learn – how to improve yourself properly in the game so you could finally get the game experience how it was meant to be. And you are catching up your friends in no time.

Does it give you all the control you need to improve your game?

Other reviews claim that you can level up from 0 to 60 in record time!

I don’t know about the records, but I must agree! It also worked for me! Luckily, you can just give it a try!

There is a 60-days money back guarantee, so there is nothing to lose.

Ultimate World of Warcraft Guide


Essentially, Dugi Guides is a walkthrough to level up quickly in World of Warcraft!

But it’s not only for leveling up, it improves your whole in-game experience!

It helps you to:

  1. Get to the right spots 
  2. Find the best items 
  3. Spend time in profitable quests 
  4. Succeed regardless of your class

What's in the package?

As you already may have noticed – it is not only one guide. In the package you can find: Dugi’s Leveling Guides, Dugi Events and Daily Guide, Dugi Achievements and Professions Guide, all perfectly organized.

Leveling Guide of course, is the most popular guide included in the entire package. This guide was made and has proven to be one of the best leveling guides available. It surfaces around horde and alliance and covers everything in just the right detail. 

Dugi Dailies and Events Guide is not less useful – as it guides you step by step to speed up your daily quests.

Dugi Achievements and Professions Guide however, is a relatively later in-game guide. It was designed with the sole purpose to level your professions. With this guide – you will learn, how to do it extremely fast.

Would you like it?

Well, it could save you tons of time and money!

Your alternative is to read hours and hours and find all the information yourself. However, this is where it gets confusing. Players have different opinions – one thinks that one thing is better other thinks the other. How would you know? Test it?

That’s where Dugi Guides come to the rescue! It sets a certain coal with a clear path to achieve it!

If you are going to invest your time in leveling up and you want to succeed, you should commit to one certain method. Granted, some players might have better insights. However, as a beginner, it is better to focus one method and take it to its final consequences.

This amazing guide to level up covers everything you need to know to get from level 1 to 120. It’s clear, easy, and no bullshit.

Everything you need, in just one place!

Did you know? Dugi Leveling Guide is also known as Ultimate WoW Guide.

Who is Behind The Dugi Guides?


The founder of Dugi Guides is Dave Farrell, also nicknamed ‘Dugi.’

So now you know where the name of the product came from! He founded this guide back in 2005.

Dugi stood out from the crowd because he started to document his observations of the game. His posts on World of Warcraft forums became notable and people started to follow him

First, he developed a guide to get money in an hour. People started using it and asked for more. So he created more guides.

You can find his first works online for free. They’re not updated, of course, but you can see how good they are.

His style of documenting and walking you through the whole process was a big time saver compared to some other guides.

Dugi created a guide that focuses only on one thing and delivers it!

How Can You Benefit From The Guide?


At first, you might be a little skeptical – Do you want to play the game just to follow a guide?

However, you will learn quickly that you can enjoy the game and level up without sacrificing both.

Leveling up in World of Warcraft is now easier than ever!

After you get the guide, you are going to be able to dismiss the bullies who feel superior because they’re winning in a game. 

I am sure, you can enjoy the game even if you play the game blindly, but unintentionally you will face unnecessary frustration. However, this guide saves you from wasting time and facing frustration.

With the guide you can enjoy the game even better!

Nice talk, but how it really works?

The leveling path is mainly based on solo questing, which is the fastest way to level for most players

The addon works for any level character, and it’s easy to select your level range and jump right in. It can also be combined with other leveling methods, like grinding mobs, doing instances or battlegrounds. 

It also has built-in features that make it work well with heirlooms and rested EXP, so you’ll always know which zone to go to level.

Dugi’s leveling guides are quite detailed. You get a waypoint arrow that always shows you the right direction to go, plus another window with simple instructions for what you need to do, like pick up a quest, turn it in, slay some mobs, collect items etc. 

Many quests are usually combined, so you’ll be working on completing several quests at the same time which give you massive experience fast, and is very easy to do with the instructions provided by the guide.

Overview of Dugi Guides


Dugi Guide is an extensive guide that covers the game from every possible angle!

It covers everything you need to know!

  • Quests 
  • Items 
  • Monsters 
  • Spots 
  • NPCs 
  • and more!

Everything is very clearly documented and updated as the game keeps being developed.

Catching up people who have been there since forever can seem like an impossible task. However, with this guide, you will be directed to a clear path to follow. It will save your time, energy, frustration, and helps you to enjoy the game.

Dugi Guide comes with an in-game guide.

That means, you install the add-on, and it overlays your game.

The add-on shows you everything in the guide but during the game. So, it completely removes any guessing or time loss. Rather, if that day you want to level up, you can just do that and it efficiently.


Content Of This WoW Guide

  • Level 1 – 110 Guides For Legion
    • The bigger picture of everything in WoW to level up. 
    • This will be the reference document for you if you have any questions. 
  • Level 1 – 110 Dungeon Guides For Legion 
    • Know every dungeon, hidden or not. 
    • All the dungeons are sequenced, so you’ll always be ready! 
  • Daily Quest Guides For Reputation And Gold Farming For Both Warlords Of Draenor And Mist Of Pandaria 
    • Log-in and always find something profitable to do in-game.
    • Make every second count into improving your character. 
  • Daily Quest Guides For Cataclysm this is including the full Molten Front Guide
    • Ace this expansion and get the best out of it. 
    • No stone goes unturned for items and quests you need to get here.
  •  Daily Quest Guides For Pets, Achievement, Mounts, And Argent Tournament For Wrath Of The Lich King
    • Learn the ones that would suit you best. 
    • Then, get the ones you want without much trouble! 
  • Daily Quest Guides For Netherwing/ Nether Ray Mounts And Achievements For Burning Crusade
    • Take the best of this DLC without wasting time! 
    • Lead your friends through the quests and come out with your head high. 
  • Profession Levelling From 1 – 800 For Legion
    • Every profession is covered. 
    • Also, there are different strategies. So, you can level up in many cool ways. 
  • Earning Achievements Points For Warlords Of Draenor, Earn Special Character Titles, And Earn Unique Mounts

Where you can buy Dugi Guides?

Dugi Guides is available on the official website, https://www.dugiguides.com.

Summary of Dugi Guides

Initially, its value was $117. Imagine being able to buy all of these for only $6.99! 

The guide has been around for 15 years now and it’s been continuously updated. 

You know you are getting something 100% reliable.

Step your game up and carry your friends!

This guide is the best out there. Besides the guide itself, its app just makes it easier and more efficient!

You’ll get the best of two worlds: Improve your game while having fun!

Start today!

👍 Pros

  • Be guided all the time!
    The software is a non-invasive overlay that will take you through the best parts of the game.

  • Amazing customer support!
    Get 24/7 support from the technical team. I doubt you’ll have any questions, but if you do, you can contact them anytime!

  • Don’t fall behind!
    Get updates together with the game. This ensures that you are up to date with the latest developments.

  • Comes from the experts!
    Everyone in charge of this is impeccable! They are experts and make a great job documenting everything you need to do. These guys are amazing!

  • Get it RISK-FREE!
    A money-back guarantee just in case your expectation is not realized or it is not as you pictured after reading reviews.

👎 Cons

  • Updates take time.
    After new content gets released, it might take a while for the new quests and items to be explained


Dugi Guides is the guide that gives everything you need to rapidly improve in WoW, in just one place! 

Also, it has a very clear objective -leveling up. It does that very efficiently and gives you the best items and quests you can get. 

At the same time, when you play without following the guide, You’ll be able to enjoy the game even more.

4.5 out of 5 stars (based on 2 reviews)

User Reviews

It works alright

26th February 2020

The guide works great for leveling almost in autopilot, it is similar to the zygor guides that also work great. There is also free addon available but it is not as advanced.

Carlos S

It’s so easy to use. I am impressed!

26th February 2020

Best way to enjoy the guide is with Dugi’s addon, which is so easy to use. There’s an auto installer that will set everything up for you, and then you just choose your leveling range and start following the guides (and arrow) and before you know it you’re level 120!


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