I am going to continue with WWF VIDEO GAMES series.

I was huge WWF fan in the late 80s and 90s (not so much today) and therefore I decided to go through old wrestling games :)

This time I show you WWF (and other wrestling) games that were released in 1990. We had games released on the NES, Mega Drive, PC Engine and Gameboy. We had women wrestling, we had turn based wrestling, we had portable wrestling, we had 8-bit, we had 16-bit.

Games featured in this episode:
– WWF Wrestlemania Challenge (NES)
– WCW World Championship Wrestling (NES)
– Tecmo World Wrestling (NES)
– Cutie Suzuki no Ringside Angel (Mega Drive)
– Champion Wrestler (PC Engine)
– Maniac Pro-Wrestling: Ashita e no Tatakai (PC Engine)
– HAL Wrestling (Gameboy)

In the next episode, I will show you 9 wrestling games released in 1991.

Enjoy the video!

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