NBA Give ‘n Go (SNES, 1995) – Gameplay and Game Crash

90s Video Games, Episode 128
NBA Give ‘n Go (SNES, 1995) – Gameplay and Game Crash

NBA Give ‘N Go is essentially a home version of Konami’s arcade game Run and Gun, which featured similar graphics and gameplay but no NBA license.

Similar to Run and Gun, the in-game camera is at one end of the basketball court. Gameplay is fast-paced, much like NBA Jam and Konami’s own Run and Gun. Elements lifted from arcade basketball games included limited fouls, faster than real time clock, unreal dunks and jumping abilities, and basketballs rarely travel out of bounds.

The game was released in Japan as NBA Jikkyou Basket: Winning Dunk

This video is a short gameplay example with game crash in the end.


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