Mortal Kombat [Sega CD] – Intro, Secret Menu, Gameplay [1994]

Mortal Kombat [Sega CD] – Intro, Secret Menu, Gameplay [1994] 90s Video Games, Episode 121

In 1994, Mortal Kombat 1 was ported to Sega CD – with mind blowing intro video (for the time), CD audio and updated graphics (compared to the Sega Genesis version). And man, this game is great! I mean, there are some flaws here and there – hit detections is a bit off and loading times thanks to CD technology – but in overall, hands down – this is the best home port of MK 1.

In this video I demonstrate the intro video, show you how to enable the secret menu and in the end I play with my son – so don’t judge the skills, I had to hold back so everyone could have some great time :)

Enjoy the video!

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