It would have been great, if it only had decent soundtrack!

It would have been great, if it only had decent soundtrack!
Blandia (Arcade, 1992) – Retroconsole Live Stream

While the Blandia soundtrack has its fans, it is true that players have criticized the game for repetitive music and lacking in variety. Some have also pointed out that the short loops of some tracks can become grating after extended periods of play.

It’s worth noting that video game music is often judged differently from other forms of music. In the context of a game, the music is meant to enhance the player’s experience and create a sense of immersion. What may be repetitive or lacking in variety in a standalone music track may be perfectly suitable for a video game soundtrack.

Also, the limitations of the arcade hardware at the time meant that composers had to work within certain constraints, including limited memory and processing power. In this context, the Blandia soundtrack can be seen as an impressive achievement, given the technical limitations of the time.

Despite that I decided to play Blandia with different soundtrack and oh boy. Blandia with decent soundtrack is awesome!


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