Command & Conquer – FUNPARK Tutorial [MS DOS, 1996]

Command & Conquer – FUNPARK Tutorial [MS DOS, 1996] 90s Video Games, Episode 147

Some of you might not know that you were able to hunt down dinosaurs in Command and Conquer. Dinosaur missions were actually in the game since the first release of the original Command and Conquer, however. You were not able to access these missions before the expansion pack was released.

Dinosaur missions are available in both, MS-DOS and Windows versions. The reason why I decided to demonstrate the MS-DOS version is simple. I could not find a video in Youtube, that would demonstrate these dinosaur missions in MS-DOS version and some people, including myself, doubted if these missions were even accessible before the Windows version.

But how to access these missions?

To enable these missions, you would need to start your Command and Conquer game, that was patched with Covert Operations expansion, however. Instead of typing C and C, like you normally started the game, you need to type C and C space funpark. Enter.

Please note. You can not find these new missions in New Missions section, instead. After inserting the cheat command, regular missions were replaced by Dinosaur Missions.

Now, I am going to play these missions a little. Enjoy!

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