Batman Returns [1993, Super Nintendo] – Gameplay

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Batman Returns [1993, Super Nintendo] – Gameplay

The Super Nintendo version of the game was developed by Konami and released in 1993. It is a left-to-right scrolling beat ’em up, very similar to the Final Fight games, also made by Konami.

The game takes the player through seven scenes featured in the film. Each scene has a boss fight that Batman must win in order to proceed to the next scene. Scene 1 takes place in Gotham’s Plaza, where Batman fights numerous Red Triangle Circus gangsters and saves Selina Kyle from the Stungun Clown who took her hostage.

In Scene 2, Batman fights the Circus gang throughout Gotham City’s Streets, facing the Tattooed Strongman as the boss. Climbing on the rooftops of Scene 3, Batman encounters Catwoman, who escapes to an abandoned building where Penguin’s setting a trap for Batman, but he manages to take on Catwoman and Penguin on Scene 4.

I didn’t make it much further, but…

In Scene 5, Batman drives the Batmobile and uses a machine gun to destroy Penguin’s Campaign Van. Moving to Scene 6, Batman goes to the Circus Train and defeats Penguin’s right-hand man, the Organ Grinder.

Penguin escapes to the abandoned Arctic World on Scene 7, where Batman destroys his Duck Vehicle and ultimately gains the upper hand on Penguin once and for all. Meanwhile, Catwoman escapes and watches as Batman gets called for another adventure.

Various members of the Red Triangle Circus Gang attack Batman throughout the game. Batman has a number of weapons and moves at his disposal, including the batarang.

A number of levels are two-dimensional platform levels as opposed to the majority of the pseudo-3D levels where freer movement is permitted.

Enjoy the gameplay!

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