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Batman (Genesis) is based on the Tim Burton-directed Batman film from 1989. The game is more faithful to the film’s plot than the NES version and features levels in which the player controls Batman’s vehicles.

Batman (Genesis)

Biggest difference between the game and the movie – in the film, Batman attempts to save Napier from falling into the chemicals, but fails. However, in the game, Batman actually knocks Napier into the vat.

Unfortunately, Nintendo’s two-year exclusivity clause was still in effect and Batman for the Genesis (US) showed up too late to make much of an impact – In June 1991, two years after the film hit theaters.

Many desperate Genesis owners imported the Mega Drive version from Japan.

While the NES version allows three unique weapons and unlimited continues, the Genesis version only has the Batarang as a special weapon with limited continues.

Probably the only game where your character begins each life with half health.


Batman reviews

IGN gave the game a review score of 6/10 saying that “Sunsoft’s Batman accurately recreates the movie and it was certainly a welcome treat after seeing the import featured in early gaming rags. Unfortunately, the game is too short and not especially challenging.” The game holds an aggregate score of 70% on GameRankings.

King Atari (gamefaqs)

Easily the best Batman game for the Genesis – The game plays great. Controls are responsive. You can punch, jump, double jump, low kick, and use the grappling hook, as well as throw batarangs. The graphics are dark and gothic, just like the movie, but they don’t really take full advantage of the system – it is an earlier Genesis game.

Dylan Cornelius (segadoes)

Batman‘s beat-em-up stages are too repetitive and shallow – Thugs emerge from the right or left, Batman punches them, and then moves forward. Nothing more, nothing less. Boss battles involve little to no technique. The shooting stages break up the monotony, at least at first. Once you blast your fiftieth armored tank and shoot down Joker’s entire purple-and-green helicopter brigade, you might wonder why the levels haven’t ended. 

Batman memories

sahui (reddit)

It was awesome because it had batwing and batmobile scenes

davidrabbich (reddit)

It was the first game I ever owned. My dad got me a Japanese import mega drive and this game. I always thought it was unique because the JP version came in a half size case (sunsoft only ever did this for two games) and it still sits proudly on my shelf

JorgeYYZ (reddit)

It’s nice to see people having fond memories of this game. I really dislike the Batman games I played on the Genesis (the only exception is the Contra-like with Robin, but it is hard as nails). I think that Nintendo had the best side of this. 

mallom (reddit)

This game was trash and still is.

Batman cheats (Genesis)

Defensive position when being shot – When Batman is being shot, press Start to pause the game. And then hold the B button and press Start to resume the game. Batman will then be in his defensive position.

Extra Lives on Level 3 – In level 3, at the far right end of the museum’s first level is a 1-Up; grab it and jump onto the rising platforms. When you reach the third platform or the screen starts to scroll up, jump back down and the 1-Up should be there again.

Extra Lives on Level 5 – Play the fifth level until you get to the second platform at the top. Now walk off the left side and fall in a straight line. You’ll pick up three 1-Ups and lose one life.

Level skip – There is no level skip cheat, many blogs have incorrect information!

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List of Batman video games

Batman levels

  • Gotham City Street: Batman fights his way through numerous henchmen on a rainy night in Gotham.
  • The Axis Chemical Plant: Batman infiltrates the Axis Chemicals plant, fighting Jack Napier’s henchmen, and then knocks Napier into the vat of chemical liquid, transforming him into the Joker.
  • Flugelheim Museum: Batman makes his way through the museum, fighting the Joker’s henchmen, and fights the large, boombox-wielding henchman, Lawrence.
  • The Batmobile: Batman and Vicki Vale are inside the Batmobile, escaping from the Joker.
  • Gotham City Carnival: Batman, piloting the Batwing, must cut wires connected to the Joker’s parade balloons, inflated with Smilex gas, to save Gotham City.
  • Gotham City Cathedral: Inside the city’s colossal cathedral, Batman progresses to the final confrontation with the Joker.
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