Back to the Future, Part II [Amiga, 1990] – Playthrough

90s Video Games, Episode 132
Back to the Future, Part II [Amiga, 1990] – Playthrough

Recently I happened to watch some Back to the Future movies. Obviously I wanted to play BTTF games after that. I knew that pretty much all the games based on the Back to the Future movies are really bad, horrible!

Nevertheless, I decided to search some that are not that bad.

And what I found out, Amiga has some decent ports. Well, decent? Those are not masterpieces, but they are actually better than I expected :)

Unfortunately there is no BTTF 1 on the Amiga, so I started with Part II.

The game is somewhat challenging, and I used UNLIMITED LIVES cheat code. But that is the only way to enjoy this game!

Enjoy the video!

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