A Nightmare on Elm Street [Nintendo NES, 1989]

A Nightmare on Elm Street on the Nintendo NES is a pretty decent platformer and the music from David Wise is excellent.

David Wise had delivered the music for each Rare NES (and Game Boy) title since joining the company in 1986. That Wise became a game composer was due to a chance encounter with Rare founders Tim and Chris Stamper in the Leicester music shop Wise worked in. After demonstrating a Yamaha CX5 sequencer (the company’s first music computer) with his own MIDI compositions, Wise was offered a job at Rare by the Stampers. While it would be the Battletoads franchise that brought Wise’s name to the attention of game music fans, the A Nightmare on Elm Street soundtrack firmly stands as Wise’s first great score.

Enjoy :)

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