💀 💀 💀 Fatalities in NBA Jam TE [Tournament Edition, 1994]

NBA Jam: Tournament Edition [Arcade, 1994] 90s Video Games, Episode 198

Hello there, retro gaming fans!

In today’s episode I am going to demonstrate you some fatalities in NBA Jam: Tournament Edition. Please note that this will only work on Revision 1 and Revision 2. In later versions this cheat was removed by demand of the NBA themselves. Apparently, they didn’t really see the humor in Death and a gorilla viking shooting hoops with characters from Mortal Kombat, or performing fatalities.

Did you know that you can perform a fatality with any character in this game?

I am also going to show you some secret characters besides Mortal Kombat characters such as Elvis, Kongo and Reaper. These guys were also removed after Revision 2.

But let’s get going!

The first part of this secret is optional as I am going to unlock Reptile and Raiden. Like previously said this part is optional because you can perform fatalities with any player.

How to unlock Reptile and Raiden

To unlock Raiden, enter your initials RAD JUL 9
To unlock Reptile, enter your initials RPT NOV 11

How to Enable Fatalities

At the team select screen, hold up and press pass/steal 20 times. A box will come down indicating that the code has been entered. Hurray!

Performing a fatality is actually really easy. You just need to shove an opponent while you are on fire.

Let’s have some fun!

How to unlock Elvis, Reaper or Kongo

To unlock Elvicous, enter your initials ELV JAN 8
To unlock Grim Reaper, enter your initials GRM OCT 31
To unlock Kongo, enter your initials KNG JAN 16

Let’s have some fun!

So there you go!

Thanks for watching!

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