Retroconsole is the first retro gaming currency intended to reward reviewers and article writers of retro video games. The latter would be paid in Retroconsole which they could exchange in the market.


1. Project Whitepaper
2. Enterprise Creation
3. Website Development
4. Establish Social Accounts
5. Build a Solid Fan Base
6. Create a Token
7. Listing in Exchange
8. Raise 5000$
9. Hire Platform Developer
10. Develop Platform
11. Hire Marketing team
12. Marketing & Recruiting
13. Public Opening


Project Manager
Hannes Liitmäe

Platform Developer
To be hired

Marketing Manager
To be hired

Content Quality Control
To be hired


We have already built a solid fan base with thousands of fans on various social media platforms:


There are thousands and thousands of retro gaming experts worldwide who have a lot of knowledge about the history of video games. However, unlike many other historians, experts in this niche rarely get paid.

Retro gaming experts and historians are willing to share their knowledge and write down the history, facts about older games and video game consoles but there is no “get paid for writing” platform in the niche.

As a results of this, retro gaming experts and historians can not focus on their expertise and need to earn income in other industries. Therefore, a lot of information about older video games is wrong or missing in internet.


As this a non profit project, there is no way to pay writers in cash. The solution is cryptocurrency. Retro gaming experts and historians would get paid for writing in cryptocurrency and exchange it whenever they want. This is a win-win situation for both investors (or traders) and writers.

Why? Because if people are getting paid in cryptocurrency they wouldn’t want to trade cheaper than the rate they were paid at – more likely they are trying to sell tokens even with higher rates to make even more money.

Also, with growing community of traders, investors and writers there will be higher demand and the price would eventually get higher in time. Within first five years we plan to establish active user base with at least 10 000 users.


This goal is realistic as there are 200 000 active users in the Reddit retro gaming community and there is even no way to earn money for writing content there.


Facebook Groups:
Retro Gaming 101 –
73.9k users link

Retro Games Forever –
44.9k users link

Gaming Dads –
30.4k users link

MS-DOS Gaming –
22.1k users link

Lord Arse! –
102.1k followers link

8-Bit Central –
315.7k monthly views link


Unlike many other project, this project actually only needs to raise 5000$ to develop the platform. This will be paid to the developer and is non-refundable.

As this is non-profit project, every dollar raised would be spent on running the project – including marketing costs, taxes, commissions for writers, payments for other key workers, maintenance costs (hosting, domain), possible extra development costs to improve the platform.


Retroconsole (RCON) is ERC20 token, created in secure Thirdweb environment.
There are 500 000 000 RCON tokens in total and estimated starting price is between 0.1$-0.2$ per token. This is a fixed amount and although it is possible to add quantity we are not planning to create any more RCON tokens at all.

If we are going to add quantity any time in the future, there will be a public announcement at lease 3 months before the deadline.

We are planning to list RCON token in most of the more popular crypto exchanges like Coinbase, Binance, Kraken etc.


We are going to develop a platform where users can submit their articles directly to the web page. After submitting an article (which meet all the requirements) users will be sent to a page with QR-code to receive cryptocurrency.

Platform would calculate the amount of RCON tokens depending on the current exchange rate so the amount would be equal to amount of dollars we wish to pay. For example: We want to pay 50$ per article – if token price at the moment is 0.1$ the user would receive QR-code with 500 RCON tokens. If the price will increase to 0.2$, user would receive QR-code with 250 RCON tokens.

Also, the platform needs to be easy to use and automatic. For content quality we plan to hire people who control quality. This is the only manual part of platform. Users also can suggest corrections if any data is incorrect.

We also plan to develop full database of every video game ever made so website users and fans could easily access submitted articles, reviews, information and filter data by name, years, platforms, ratings and so on.